About us

Welcome to the website of the Economic and Commercial Representative Office of the Brussels-Capital Region in the United Kingdom.

Our offices are located in the Belgian Embassy in London.

Our mission is to support Brussels-based companies looking at doing business in the UK and British companies wishing to source products and services or looking at establishing operations in Brussels.

In Belgium, foreign trade and investments are a regional matter

Belgium is composed of 3 Regions (the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region) and each of them exercises its full powers and competencies in the area of international trade. That is why each Region has its own agency, responsible for the support of export activities and the attraction of foreign investments:
  • The Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels Invest & Export
  • Wallonia: AWEX (Wallonia export and foreign investments agency)
  • Flanders: FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade)


The Regions have an extended network of economic and commercial attachés, based all over the world and working in close cooperation with the Belgian diplomatic missions. 

In certain places, the economic and commercial attaché represents two or three regions. Our office in London only represents the Brussels-Capital Region for both our trade and invest missions. We are also represented for the trade part of our activities in Scotland (Edinburgh) by the FIT office.